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Don't Believe the Lie

Updated: Oct 8

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I envisioned my blog launch going MUCH different than this...

I promised myself I’d be open and honest through all of this, and I have been…for the most part. This past Sunday, God called me on my sh*t and realigned my focus, yet again.

These last few days were supposed to be utilized to finish the linked product graphics and all the fun stuff I left for after the back end, boring stuff was finished. He had other plans and I have full faith in him. Trusting that I needed to lean into this discomfort, I listened to several sermons, prayed a ton, and really just sat with it.

Monday night I was listening to a sermon on my way to my parents that affirmed even more that this is the route that I needed to take and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. When I got to my parents and stepped out of my car this Fireball shooter in the mulch immediately caught my eye. My parents don’t drink so this was totally unusual, but even more confirmation that I needed to share my whole truth.

I was already 99.9% sure this was the direction I was going to take, then this morning happened. My phad a friend call that I hadn’t heard from since we last Fall, so I was really caught off guard. If you know me at all, the odds of me actually answering a PHONE CALL are like 1 in a million. 😆 I almost didn’t answer bc I was in the zone with photography stuff. I felt that nudge, again, and knew I needed to answer.


“Tell me it gets better”, she said.

She proceeded to tell me that she just signed a lease and was filing for divorce and needed me to give her SOME kind of hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Over the next hour and a half, I LITERALLY felt like I was talking to myself a year ago.

That is the exact idea I’ve had on my heart since I started daydreaming about this blog…

“Be who you needed when you were younger."

There are no lack of resources on the internets telling you what you NEED to buy to make you happy…so mine will just be another in that pile of NOISE.

Those worldly things are not my purpose.

My purpose is to hear “WELL DONE" by the ONLY one that truly matters.

So when he speaks, I’ll listen and fully trust that His way is SO much better than mine.

One of my purposes, I know now, is to talk about another lie I was sold, and sadly believed…that alcohol was fun, cool, a stress reliever, everybody’s doing it, would help me sleep, etc etc. While all of those may have been true AT TIMES, the negative role alcohol has played in my life FAR outweighs the good things it’s done since I started drinking it at 15 years of age.

The blog is officially up and going, so go take a peep and subscribe if ya wanna stay up to date.

This will be my only published post, for now.

I have about 10 on deck…decor, beauty, style… and will start publishing those over the next few days. However I NEED to be even more intentional with these next steps, so I am not going to place any dates or expectations on a time framethat it will be “all done”.

Love you guys and am so encouraged to keep taking the next right step! 💕

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