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Fear Is Not My Future | Life With Liz Donovan |

Updated: Oct 7

Not today, Satan! I've found a joy I can't lose! Thank you, Jesus!

This blog is my outlet to tell my some of my stories and resulting life lessons, in hopes that my mess can reach that one person who needs to feel a little less alone.

Untamed Soul Collective is the result of my obedience to God and surrendering my own plans for my blog, Life With Liz Donovan, to Him & His will. He's called me to use my spiritual and creative gifts to help the sad, lonely, and hurting see even the slightest glimpse of hope for themselves. Kelly and I have worked tirelessly on Untamed Soul for the last 6+ months and we are so proud and humbled to finally be able to offer this you.

As a recently divorced, single mom of 2 with a photography business and booth rent hairstylist already, sacrificing the security of that income to focus on what the Lord has called me to do, has not been easy by any means... as I am currently facing eviction from my apartment that we love and has served as our safe place these last two years.

If you feel prompted to help our cause financially, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot wait to be in a position to help others financially. <3

I don't know HOW this will pan out, but that's part of the adventure, right?!

While listening to "The Basement with Tim Ross" last week, God gave me yet another pep rally to keep my spirits up via "Timmy & Prez". They've easily surpassed JD & Turk in my favorite bromance Preston boldly gifted me the words to describe my personal why for this journey. Thank you!

*Sidenote: They are both self proclaimed "introverts CALLED to be extrovert" and are so honest about their struggles with the invasiveness of being so open & vulnerable...but know it is NEEDED, especially now.

It will go directly to my fave part, so check it out here:

"Dead men don't have resumes; they have REQUIREMENTS. Where He goes, I go."

Thank you, Liz McClintic (check out her blog and IG) for answering alllll my questions about this unfamiliar Christian lingo... Your humility and humor made it easy for me to relax into these conversations and I am grateful for you and will treasure them in my heart forever.

Tim's @upsetthegram FAITH in and LOVE for our Lord, mixed with his humor and "unsophisticated" approach to discussing topics that most won't is JUST what I (and the younger generations) need. I appreciate his willingness to not sugarcoat topics that most skirt around. Some of the things he's says are shocking at first, but I appreciate his realness and kind candor. He reminds me of a Christian @garyvee . lol If you know me at all, you know I have a similar way of communicating about things I'm passionate about that has caused me trouble at times over the years. oopsie! God has been...and is still in this area. (This will be a blog or vlog for another

I digress... **SQUIRREL**

Our "Unravel" and "People Pleaser" Workbooks are the combination of practices Kelly and I have used on our healing journeys and our expertise ...she has 2 masters degrees in counseling...I logged 15,000+ hours last year listening to self help and Christian podcasts, so that's gotta count for something, right?! lol

We are hoping to get these workbooks available in print form for ya soon. Know of anyone? Help some sisters out! For now, our workbooks are AVAILABLE for download here.

And how could we not have some fun merch?!

You can also donate directly here.

We are also hoping to expand our team and brand and would appreciate any insight in that area since we are babies in this arena. This is just the beginning of our collection of tools and we have SO many ideas, but want to stay flexible and leave our options open to serve our customers in the ways they want/need most.

The vision we have for this brand makes my heart want to burst and we can't wait to share more of what we've been up to. We'd love for you to follow along on this adventure!

Life With Liz:

Untamed Soul Collective:

Until then, I'm giving this to God and fully trust He will do what only He can do. Not today, Satan!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 1:16pm

Receive a text that my eviction had officially been filed... and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.

By no means am I HAPPY that this is happening, but Satan has stolen way too much of my time to let something as trivial as money bring me down anymore. This peace and joy is just TOO good and I refuse to give him any more of my precious energy.

I KNOW it was God that told me to push pause on this whole blog thing last January and I finally had the mental, emotional and physical strength to stand in my conviction...something I WISH 13-15 year old Elizabeth would've had the strength to.

And that is EXACTLY why I choose to share my story so openly...because others vulnerability allowed me to not feel so alone. I leaned (still do) on the life lessons STRANGERS on the internet have so graciously and vulnerably shared. I get it now, why someone would air their dirty laundry and lay it all on the line...because it's the very least we can do to help a hurting world.

WARNING: Just like there is so much good help out there, there is also counterfeit help, that is often brighter, shinier, louder than truth. Isn't that the way it always works though? I plan on talking more about this here soon.

"Unraveling"- Cory Asbury

I'm coming apart at the seams

It's worse than I thought it would be

But I've never been happier

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