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Learning To Be Interruptible

Updated: Jan 9

True Story: I screenshot this quote today at 2:20.

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Fast forward to 5:30 when my dad text me asking if we were available to go to dinner at 6:30 for my grandma’s 89th birthday.

I already had a laundry list of things I WANTED to get checked off my list tonight, but knew this trumped any of those.

Not only did we get to see my family, but Brynn’s dad and brother were there eating dinner as well!! He and I were together from 15-21 years old, so he was excited he got to see her. (He and HIS family are the reason we moved back to the westsiiiiiide. 💜)

I couldn’t have orchestrated such an evening if I’d tried!

It’s always an adventure with you, Lord! Have your way with my life! 💕

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