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Dating Sabbatical

Updated: Oct 20

January 2022: Blake "Alexa, play Sam Hunt on Spotify" (on repeat at the time)

January 2023: Blake "Alexa, play 'Gratitude' by Brandon Lake"

Last January (22) my sweet friend bought me a bible, encouraged me to keep asking questions. She then challenged me to focus on Jesus and not date (or talk to or text) any guys for six months. I had some chains to break in regards to needing validation from men (that started in childhood with my dad). She knew Jesus was the ONLY one I needed to focus on.

Fast forward to Fall '22: Dated for 0.2 seconds and realized VERY quickly that the peace I had felt with Him was not there as often. So, I ran back to Jesus and realized I am whole on my own when I stay connected to Him. I kept healing and started to see myself the way He sees me.

I realized I'm pretty freakin' cool and not "too much" like I'd been told (If holding you accountable for your behavior is 'too much', then yeah I'm WAY too much. Sorry not sorry.)

I know He will place a godly man in our lives when/if it's part of His plan. Until then, I'm practicing gratitude and thanking God that I only have to deal with this dude's farts right now.

During this time, God reconnected me with a friend from Jr. High. Had I been distracted with dating, I would've missed the opportunity God placed in front of me to help others on their healing journey.

We've taken tools I've personally used during these past five years of self-development and joined them with the expertise of Kelly and her two Master's Degrees in counseling and created resources for all ages and stages of healing.

Our heart is to help the next ones in line, so to speak, so that their healing journey is less bumpy than ours was/is.


Me (Liz): Recently divorced, single mom of 2, running 2 small businesses, recent ADHD diagnosis

Kelly: Happily married, SAHM of 4, 2 masters degrees in counseling

Both: Spending any extra time for 12+ months creating resources and a new business so dear to our hearts

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