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Updated: Oct 6

I've been trying to come up with a way to easily explain Untamed Soul Collective...what it is, why we created it, who it's for, etc. Apparently that's kinda important when trying to market a product. lol

And that would be exactly why it's so hard for me to narrow it down, to cage it, to a few sentences...because it's not a product. These are the actual tools and processes I've personally used to:

TURN DOWN the overwhelming noise of the world (news, politics, social media, tv, the list is endless)

LISTEN to my heart.

UNRAVEL, little by little, the lies I'd always believed to be truths.

TAME my self-sabotaging, inner critic.

UNTAME my inner ally, who is aligned with her personal values.

These tools have come from SO many sources over the last 5 years:


Shout out to Brad at Dobson Counseling Inc & Seth at Care To Change Counseling. I have SO much gratitude for these two.)

Self-Development Experts

Brene Brown, Jay Shetty, Mel Robbins, Ed Mylett, Mark Groves, Lewis Howes

Strangers on the Internet

Those who have gone through similar experiences and have been brave enough to be vulnerable with their stories and pass on the tools they've acquired. (I dig deeper into this in my "Not Today, Satan!" post. <--- click to read)

Christian Sermons (online & in-person)

This is a newer development as of the last year and a half that I talk about in my "Jesus and Black Tennis Shoes" post <--- click to read.

My 2022 Spotify Wrap Up logged 14,232 hours of podcasts/sermons... and that's not including the YouTube and in-person hours. Told ya I turned down the noise of the world! lol ;)

In all of this self-reflecting, discovery, and development, it all came down to one major theme...

Starting in my preteen years, I didn't stay true to MY personal values. I'd adopted my parents and religions values, then my friends, and little by little I drifted away from the real, authentic me.

Had I identified and had the courage and community to support these values, my life would be completely different.

Well, now at 38 years old I know these values and have a community that supports them and want to pass these tools on to as many people as possible; young, old, in between... doesn't matter.

These are tools for my "tool belt of life" as I like to describe it to Brynn & Blake. Tools I didn't have. Tools my parents didn't have.

Thanks to the internets (yes, there is GOOD on it if you turn down the noise and SEEK IT OUT) we have access to so many amazing tools. Utilize them. Our future generations depend on us.

I'm going reference my favorite quote again (and this will not be the last time)

So, there it is...long story short. haha!

I am working on making an "Unravel" Workbook that digs deeper into Christian values and aligning with the you God says you are.

We also plan to expand these workbooks to teenagers as well as preteens (our kiddos ages).

We're taking these next steps very intentionally so we can serve you as you need. Kelly is gifted in writing and I have the gift of gab, so we foresee more blog posts and probably vlogs, online workshops, etc.

Until then, we would so appreciate it if you would take a look, purchase a workbook or two if they resonate, and pass this post along to anyone and everyone you think would benefit from it.



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