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In my fourteen years behind the chair as a stylist, I have chatted about everything from my favorite beauty products, to my on-trend shoes, quick, go-to dinner the kids love, my newest home decor, to our next vacation. We also talk about the not-so-fun stuff of life... sickness, divorce,death, addiction, mental illness. While I absolutely love to talk about all the pretty, physical things (enneagram 4 over here... I love things to look and make me FEEL a certain way). I've learned...the hard way... that those things mean nothing if your heart & soul aren't happy. we just live in an age where it's easier to post a pretty pic with some nice words than admit that our lives could be anything but sparkly and "perfect". in being vulnerable & sharing my struggles with my "clients" (aka friends), i quickly realized that i was far from alone... and that most were just too afraid to vocalize it, but needed the support just as much as i did. well, i'm not afraid to vocalize my shortcomings anymore. i want to utilize my little corner of the internet to not only show you where and how to get all the pretty things i love aesthetically, but more importantly share resources that i have personally used to repair & restore my soul. i'm a CONSTANT work in progress, so my list is bound to get extensive!

I've taken what I've learned on my post-divorce healing journey, teamed up with a high school friend with a Master's Degree in Counseling, and created Untamed Soul Collective.

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